Session 1: Theory meets practice

The content in session one is provided to you by a researcher sharing his/her creativity knowledge. This time not in a presentation. The researcher is connected to a creativity practitioner. Together they will transfer creativity content in a creative way.

Session 2: Practice meets theory

A creativity practitioner will showcase his/her newest way of enhancing creativity in people. This time it doesn’t stop there. The practitioner is connected to a researcher. The researcher will reflect on the activities offered by the practitioner based on his/her theoretical knowledge on creativity.

Session 3: The creativity carousel

For all of you that want to share something and didn’t get the chance to do that in session 1 or 2, there is the session 3: the carousel. Researchers will get the chance to present their work to other researchers and practitioners. Practitioners will get the chance to present their newest insights and techniques to other practitioners and researchers.

And much more!


C2C has its foundations in ECCI (European Conference for Creativity & Innovation). ECCI was known for parties. This legacy is something we highly value. A good party is a great way to connect. We invite you all to stay until the (after)parties!

Posters & Art

For both practitioners and researchers, there is room for posters to decorate the walls. For artists, there is room to inspire others with your art installations.

What else?

If you have any others ideas for contributing to the conference, feel free to contact us! We'll see what we can do.

Earlier Editions

Here you can find pictures of our Inspeeration event last November 2021.

[Here we will update you on confirmed speakers and exact program]

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