28 - 30 October 2024

Connect 2 Create

Paris, France

Connect2Create is the event for creativity & innovation experts and enthusiasts!


Connect2Create 2022

We had 2 awesome days! With awesome speakers, awesome workshops, and awesome participants! Thank you all so much for being part of it!

Aftermovie, by Jace van der Willik:

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Connecting theory and practice

A true connection between theory and practice, facilitated networking, inspiring keynotes, a creativity carousel, posters and art, and great parties!

Facilitated networking

The first step in creating together is to connect with each other. An important element of C2C22 is networking. We will actively facilitate networking in an engaging way.

Inspiring keynotes & tracks

To set the stage the keynotes will focus on the past, present and the future, and will be provided to you by both theorists and practitioners.

Check out the complete program

C2C focusses on connecting theorists and practitioners, therefore you are invited!



Dr. Wendy Ross

Senior Lecturer in cognitive psychology at London Metropolitan University

Guy Aznar

Président d'honneur from Créa France 

Frans Joziasse

Managing director at PARK, Future of Design Leadership 

Fleur Pullen

Founder of Ynnovate and Let's Ynnovate, creating innovators networks for the public sector

Glenn Houtgraaf

Researcher Public Sector Creativity at Radboud University

Nel Mostert

Facilitator / Trainer at the Facilitation Academy / Creativity & Project Management / Lego Serious Play

Sabine Schouten

Facilitator & trainer of Creativity with focus on applied education

Dr. Milene Gonçalves

Assistant Professor Creativity in Design at Delft University of Technology

Dr. Jörg Mehlhorn

President Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität

Janine van Iperen

Innovator & Artist at JAS Artstudio

Maarten van Leest

InnovatieNetwerk Government in Flanders

Prof. Frido Smulders

 Professor of Entrepreneurial Engineering by Design at Delft University of Technology

Senthil Chandrasegaran

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

Yeun Kim

Founder of Design Only Together

Mr. dr. Guido van Enthoven

Director Institute for Societal Innovation

Anne Heleen Bijl

Creative Consultancy EACI-expert

Dr. Samantha Copeland

Assistant Professor Serendipity, Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management at Delft University of Technology

Prof. Giovanni Schiuma

Professor of Innovation Management at University of Basilicata and visiting Professor of Arts-Based Management at University of the Arts London

Mathilde Sarré-Charrier

Researcher at Orange Labs and Ph.D. student at the Laboratory Dicen from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers 

Dr. Jörg Noennig

Head of TU Dresden WISSENSARCHITEKTUR Laboratory of Knowledge Architecture AND Professor for Digital City Science at HafenCity University Hamburg

Jan Lelie

Chief Catalyst Officer and president of the Dutch chapter of the International Association for Facilitators (IAF).

Jaap Romme

Founder of 'De Bruggenbouwers' - Building bridges between government and society 

Marieke Aantjes

Innovation Booster and director of Ynnovate 

Henk van der Steen

Improvisor and facilitator. Founder of Troje: improvising as 21st life skill

Alieke van der Wijk

Improvisor and facilitator. Founder of Troje: improvising as 21st life skill

Dr. Seweryn Rudnicki

Design researcher & faciliator. Assistant professor at AGH.

Dr. Torsten Holmer

Software Developer & Semantic Data Analyst at Technische Universität Dresden 

Maren Baerman

Innovation psychologist, expert in self-determination theory (SDT)

Luc de Schryver

International consultant at O2C2

Marcel van der Ven

Director of creative processes - Innovatiekracht 

Ingeberte Uitslag & Judith de Jong

Facilitators and improvisors | Trainers at the Facilitation Academy

Dr. Rico Sneller

Lecturer of philosophy at several institutes in the Netherlands and abroad

Eva Frese

Reseacher on how to grow ideas in companies at Delft University of technology

Casper Koomen

Strategic designer & creative innovator at Blaulab

Carsten Deckert

Professor of Innovation and Production Management at Hochschule Düsseldorf - University of Applied Sciences

Ahmed Mohya 

Scientific employee at Hochschule Düsseldorf - University of Applied Sciences

Marjoleine van der Meij

Assistant Professor of Design for participatory transformation - VU Athena Institute

Conchita Martin

Designer and Facilitator of DOT (Design Only Together)

Gamification Engineer


Industrial Design Engeneering Faculty,  Delft University of Technology

Landbergstraat 15

2628 CE, Delft


This event is brought to you by the European Association for Creativity and Innovation.

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