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Connect2Create is all about connection. The connection between theory and practice of creativity and innovation and connection between all participations to inspire each other in our work area. We have three amazing keynotes by: Wendy Ross, Guy Aznar, and Frans Joziasse. Next to that, there are interactive sessions, a carrousel, a market place and much much more.

Check out the full program of Connect2Create below:

Day 1

08:30 - 09:45

Registrations open

Registration is an activity in itself! You know that moment after you registered... That you are standing there... Maybe get a coffee or tea... Thinking about where to start, who to talk to... That will not happen today! We will facilitate good conversation right from the start.

09:45 - 10:00


From the registration activity to Van der Grinten hall

10:00 - 10:30

Grand opening

by Willemijn Brouwer in the Van der Grinten hall

Active, connective, poetic, and with humor.

10:30 - 10:40

Moving break

From the Van der Grinten hall to the main IDE-hall

10:40 - 11:50

Maximal networking activity

by Marieke Aantjes - Ynnovate

To truly meet people. To get to know people from other disciplines, other countries and, other perspectives. To connect. To create.

11:50 - 12:00

Moving break

From the IDE-hall to the Van der Grinten hall

12:00 - 12:30

Keynote: what is the prepared mind? Serendipity and creative practice

by dr. Wendy Ross - Senior Lecturer in cognitive psychology at London Metropolitan University in the Van der Grinten hall

Serendipity is a combination of an accident and the skill to recognize and use that accident to generate fortuitous outcomes. Creativity research tends to adopt an position of methodological individualism which focuses on underlying internal creative processes and leaves little room for engagement with chance through material uncertainty. However, research with creative practitioners will often highlight the lack of agency involved in creative material practice and the role of luck. This talk will examine the role of serendipity in creative making and argue for an increased appreciation of the embodied and tacit skill required to both generate and engage skilfully with accidents.

12:30 - 14:10


by Firma Van Buiten at the market place

Take a stroll around the marketplace. Check out some information from your peers and new books that are coming out. Sit somewhere with old and/or new friends. On the marketplace, you can find food and drinks providing you with excellent and sustainable food.

14:10 - 15:50

Sessions 1: theory meets practice

Organizing for creativity & innovation

How to actually achieve innovation: It’s a matter of perspective

by Jaap Romme and Casper Koomen in studio 9

Managers think their employees won’t move; employees feel their managers are in the way of innovation. So which is true? Or maybe both are! Learn how to actually achieve innovation through a cooperative attitude.

Creative confidence

Hitch-hikers guide to Creativity

by Jan Lelie and facilitators of the International Association for Facilitators (IAF) in studio 10

Those of you who read the book know that 42 is the answer. But what is the question? The session will emerge and will be shaped by the participants. What is the question about creativity?

Get creative with creativity & innovation

The Value of Arts for Business

by Giovanni Schiuma and Janine van Iperen in studio 11

His book, the Value of Arts for Business from Cambridge University Publishing, is considered one of the major handbooks to understand how Arts and Business can collaborate. Giovanni will share with us his view on how to use the Arts in the form of Arts-Based Initiatives as a management instrument to support the improvement of organizational value creation capacity, what the benefits are and how to assess the impact. Can we together at C2C make this impact tangible?

Science & Practice of ideas

The Practice of Creativity: accepting ideas

by IKEA, Seweryn Rudnicki, Eva Frese, Johan Olaisen, Marjoleine van der Meij in studio 12

How do ideas grow within a company? Can an idea be too creative? How to push creative ideas forward, make them accepted, and speed up the process of innovation? These questions occupy many businesses. In this session participants, under the lead of a theoretical expert, try to form answers to these questions.

Creative Intelligence for innovation

Natural intelligence: Boosting work creativity by dopamine

by Fleur Pullen and Glenn Houtgraaf in studio 13

Fleur is founder of Ynnovate, a Dutch network of over 1500 creativity experts and enthusiasts of public sector professionals. She's spreading her knowledge of guiding public sector professionals in using more creativity at work to the rest of Europe. Together with Glenn Houtgraaf who is doing his promotional research on public sector creativity, laying foundations of creativity theory in the public sector, they are an extremely knowledgeable and experienced couple.

15:50 - 16:00

Moving break

From the workshop studio's to the Van der Grinten hall

16:00 - 16:40

Keynote: Connecting history with the future (and vice versa)

by Guy Aznar - Honorary president of Créa France in Van der Grinten hall

Guy has been in the creativity business for over half a century! He's author of the book 99 ideas for how to get ideas on your own, which is translated to Dutch into '101 ideas for ideas'. As inspiration for us all Guy will discuss this interesting space between diverging and converging.

16:40 - 19:00

Incubation period

for all participants and contributors

Time to digest the first day. To have a drink at the marketplace. To take a shower and relax a bit. To get ready for the first party in the way you prefer.

In this incubation period also the book launch of the Dutch version of Guy's book will be celebrated.

19:00 - 23:00

Dinner Party

for all of us @ Lijm & Cultuur

What better way to connect than through a party?! Previous editions of the EACI conferences were famous for the good parties. We like to keep that image. We throw them low profile and with high energy and with great food.

Day 2


Marketplace opens

09:00 - 09:30

Day start

by Ingeberte Uitslag in Van der Grinten hall

After a late night we wake up together, reflect and start focused with day 2.

09:30 - 09:40

Moving break

From the Van der Grinten hall to the studio's.

09:40 - 11:20

Sessions 2: practice meets theory

Organizing for creativity & innovation

How to spark and manage long-term creativity in organisations?

by Frido Smulders in studio 9

To perform better as an organization, a continuous creative climate is necessary. But how to maintain creative in a fast-paced, business environment that is designed for measurable results?

Creative confidence

A multifaceted approach to creative confidence

by Milene Gonçalves and students Minor Connected Creativity in studio 10

Milene and students from the Minor Connected Creativity will showcase how to develop creative confidence. Milene will also teach us about the use of visual thinking to encourage creative confidence.

Get creative with Creativity & Innovation

Creativity and Synchronicity

by assistant prof Samantha Copeland and Anne Heleen Bijl in studio 11

Anne Heleen Bijl, who never missed an EACI conference, together with Samantha Copeland, a philosopher by background, will take you on a journey of serendipity, chance, and synchronicity.

Science & Practice of ideas

Glass bead game: a Science of Ideas

by Guido Enthoven and yourselves in studio 12

In this session we will formulate together a new research agenda for a Science of Ideas. There is a lot of research done on creativity. But what about ideas? There is so much we don’t know yet. It’s time to turn the light on. PS: the Glass Bead Game is NOT a game – at least not in this session - it is a way of handling ‘compact knowledge units’ (Beads).

Creative intelligence for innovation

The Many Voices of AI in Designing

by Nel Mostert and Sentil Chandrasegaran in studio 13

Creative conversation among designers and stakeholders in a design project enables new requirements, problem definitions, and ideas to naturally originate and evolve. Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have highlighted its capability to mimic human writing. In this workshop, you will engage with one such AI text generator as part of a design prompt and explore the different ways in which you can use the AI text generator in the design process, and the different roles AI can perform when designing.

11:20 - 11:30

Moving break

From the workshop studio's to the Van der Grinten hall.

11:30 - 12:00

Keynote: future of Design Leadership

by Frans Joziasse

Design as a profession in the business and non-profit world has matured over the last 10 years at a fast pace. Design has taken more responsibilities, hence leading design into the next decade is essential for its sustainable effect. Based on 25 years of experience establishing design as a core competence at large organizations such Haleon, Julian Alps, LEGO, BMW, Sony, and Datev, a framework for future design leadership capabilities will be discussed. The framework entails ten future characteristics that can make design flourish and have a positive impact on humanity.

12:00 - 13:40


by Firma Van Buiten

Is there anyone you encountered that you would really like to talk to? This is your chance! Sit somewhere with old and/or new friends. On the marketplace, you can find food and drinks providing you with excellent and sustainable food.

13:40 - 15:20

Sessions 3: the carrousel

Organizing for creativity and innovation

1: The Innovation network of the government of Flanders

by Maarten van Leest

A couple of Flemish civil servants have been given the opportunity to build a meeting place for innovative colleagues (both within and surrounding the government). From innovative government, but this has evolved into wanting to become ‘civil entrepreneurs’. Maarten will share their learnings.

2: MICADO: co-creation in cities

by Jörg Noennig

Revising the double diamond innovation process, we co-created with stakeholders in 4 European cities a ready-to-use migrant integration platform. We tell you why this worked out.

3: Innovative Power

by Marcel van der Ven

When organizational culture and climate stimulates our creativity and accelerates innovation. A method with twelve clarifying perspectives will enable you to create an innovation climate in your own team or organization that stimulates creativity and accelerates innovation. This lecture is based on the recently published book ‘Innovatiekracht’ (Innovative Power).

Creative confidence

1: Creative Confidence

by Sabine Schouten

As creative educator Koning Willem I College Sabine has decades of experience in dealing with low creative confidence. This workshop provides you some tools to help you practice unlocking your creative thinking as a bridge to creative confidence.

2: Motivating creativity - creating motivation

by Maren Baermann

Maren will explain the Self-determination theory in a nutshell, and introduce the idea angel as a useful tool to foster both motivation and creativity for individuals and teams.

3: Boosting creative confidence of engineers

by Carsten Deckert & Ahmed Moyha

What techniques are helpful for engineers and engineering students to boost their creativity? Carsten and Ahmed showcase the story of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.

Get creative with Creativity and Innovation

1: Get Creative with Creativity and Innovation

by Luc de Schrijver

While corporate innovation is still elusive for many organizations. The authors used a systemic approach to help transform Parktheater Eindhoven (PTE) into an innovative organization. The systemic approach was based on scientifically based, proven methodologies. It allows PTE to develop into a dynamic organization that offers a varied and attractive program, develops new cultural products, undertakes numerous social projects, supports many cultural partners and seeks cooperation with more and more cultural and non-cultural partners.

2: Art-based innovation

by Janine van Iperen

We live in a world of wicked problems. Old solutions for all kinds of issues no longer suffice. Our current reality requires that we look at and think about our work, our company, and our actions in a completely different way.’ ART based INNOVATION is a method that brings the creativity of artistic thinking to the business community and government. In this mini workshop, attendees will experience what it is like to approach a social issue through art and in an artist's way.

Science and Practice of ideas

Kaleidoscopic reflections on ideas Kaleidoscopic reflections on ideas

by Rico Snellers and multiple researchers

In this session there will be short presentations on topics like ideonomy, poetry, sketching, taxonomy, the role of place, the adjacent possible, and ideation as a social practice. With contributions of Gabriela Goldschmidt, Morten Bierganns, Lukasz Jonak, Johnathan Marquis, Herbert Weinreich, Jacek Gadecki and Seweryn Rudnicki. Thereafter Rico will facilitate the plenary discussion.

Creative Intelligence for Innovation

1: Overcoming the Creadox

by Mathilde Sarré-Charrier

We sketch the “creadox” analyzing creativity workshops dedicated to anticipate the future of the society by means of the “Semiotics of Cooperative Transactions” theory (Zacklad, 2020). Our study shows a lack of territorialization during some moments that structure the creative process according to the participants and facilitators experience.

2: Y-box for online ideation

by Yeun Kim & Conchita Martin

We are announcing our online brainstorming tool, Y-BOX in Connect2Create. Y-BOX aims to make everyone to be creative and everyone to be a facilitator. It provides cues and idea boards where people can brainstorm together in a better way. In our session, participants will try Y-BOX, get inspired and collaborate with others, and generate creative ideas as much as possible.

3: U_CODE: The Future of Co-creative Partizipation in Urban Design

by Torsten Holmer

The theoretical results of a Horizon2020 pan-european research project were developed further into a software platform.

We show the creative designs of citizens in urban pilot projects and give a hands-on presentation for all visitors.

15:20 - 15:30

Moving break

From the workshop studio's to the Van der Grinten hall.

15:30 - 16:30

Closing networking ceremony

by Henk van der Steen and Alieke van der Wijk in the Van der Grinten hall

With over thirty years of experience in using improvisation theatre in working settings, Alieke & Henk will support us in creating the next steps in our search for European Creativity & Innovation. Active and organized improvising.

16:30 - .....

Drinks, chilling, networking, dinner, party

for all participants and contributors @ Firma Van Buiten

Walking 'borrel' (drinks&bites) and dinner, but of course, also sitting options :)

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